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The right to operate activities in France, is called "Commercialité ".

The purpose of the building depend of the activities you want to operate.

Changement de destination

The destination of a property is defined in the first place by its use and is detailed in the local urban masterplan of each city. These destinations and sub-destinations are defined in art. R. 151-27 and s. of the urban planning code. With regard to commercial premises the urban planning code has defined the destinations as follows:

  • Trade and service activity including six sub-destinations

    • Crafts and retail

    • Catering Industry

    • Wholesale

    • Service activities

    • Hotel Accommodation

    • Cinema


In principle, it is advisable to issue the application and the change of destination file to the town planning authorities of the competent town hall. The time of assembly by our company and treatment by the town hall vary between 1 month and a half up to 2 and a half months for the files requiring the consultation of the architect of the buildings of France.







The change of use is in the current context a mandatory act of the commercial real estate approach and the desire to operate in "airbnb" apartments. The goal is to allow, for example, a private landlord to transform his property dedicated to housing into a product that can be used as a furnished tourist and business rental. Finally, conversely, it can allow a public body that has pre-empted an office building to convert it into housing.


The "Commercialité" attached to a place for a use other than housing has a real market value, it allows an owner wishing to transform its offices into housing to recover compensation.


How to proceed ?


First of all it is worth remembering that there are only two uses in real estate. "Residential" use and "non-residential" use.


The change of use must comply with the compensation principle. In order to be able to change the use of a property, for example to transform an apartment into offices, it is necessary to find an opposite approach, that is to say a property going to undergo the opposite approach of "other than housing To "habitation".


The principle of the change of use is to "undress" a real estate property of its administrative character in order to transfer it to another property.

Changement d'usage