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Real Estate Investment

Investing in the short rental location market through our firm will allow you to access legally to a growing market in France.

Investment in Short Rental Location

Short Rental Location is a growing sector. In France, the cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, may decide to prohibit the seasonal rental to the secondary residences and limit those of main residences.


This is the case in Paris for example. In contrast to long-term rentals, short-term rentals can benefit from a higher return around 9% gross and thus generate attractive additional income.

Investment Procedure

You entrust us with a search mandate corresponding to the specifications that we will establish together.

Our teams are looking for the ideal location corresponding to your financial criteria and corresponding to our criteria for operating seasonal rentals

We negotiate and establish the purchase contract

We obtain the different authorizations and prepare with our architects and workers the necessary renovation

We manage the contracting authority to inform you day of the day the project progress

We rent the flat for you

The investment via our offers makes it possible to obtain a reduction on your taxation up to 22% of the sums invested * with the TEPA IR law.

* Payment within the limit of 20,000 euros for a single person and 40,000 euros for spouses (or PACS). The surplus can be carried forward over the next 5 years. Commitment of conservation of the shares during 5 years. It should also be noted that the investment in the seasonal rental market is based on a real estate underlying without falling into the Real Estate Tax (IFI). This law is only in cas your have taxation in France